Thursday, March 16, 2006

Two plugins to make switching easier

Edit: Melvil has just left a comment saying that these are both now in CVS

I'm gonna blog these two together as, while they do different things, they both make switching between apps easier and cooler:

This one by Daniel G Taylor desaturates the background while using the scale (Exposé) trick,

and this one by Melvil brings brings the current window to the top of the Z-order while switching windows (it's called 'switching-enhancements')

Both of these guys have emailed their patches to David Reveman, so could(/should :P) be included in later releases. For now, you can use them as patches and build yourself, or, if you use Ubuntu, download the 'latest-compiz' packages by DeeZID here.

I will be blogging about DeeZIDs contribution later! I owe a lot of my information to posts on the thread he started!


Anonymous Melvil said...

Both are officially in CVS already (compiz 0.0.7)


12:53 pm  

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