Tuesday, March 21, 2006

The Rampage

Well, I went to make a loaf of bread (yes, I did _actually do that), watch a film (The Constant Gardner...) and eat some dinner - all of a sudden this blog is old!

Firstly, Athropos has released a 'latest' version of opaquefocus with the two patches by _avatar and QuinnStorm - that can be found here.

Meanwhile, QuinnStorm has been working rather quickly on a number of new plugins/effects. She released three compiled librarys here buyer beware, the libminize on this post is not the latest - it is the one being referred to as Rev1 in the forums
Here's a precompiled libminimize.so, libopaquefocus.so and libmove.so. the libmove.so is needed for translucent-on-move. I hope my changes are to everyone's liking ^-^
So the new information is that the minimize plugin has been hacked:
Because I want to roughly keep a new post for each feature, see the next post for the details!


Anonymous krusbjorn said...

She! She is a she!! :D

11:04 pm  
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