Thursday, April 27, 2006

Coloured Drop Shadows

Hot on the heels of David's drop shadows patch, MacSlow (of SkyDome fame) has released a patch to change the colour of the shadows.

Here's a patch (against compiz from CVS-head about 30 min. ago) that
adds a shadow_color option to the parameters of the decoration-plugin.
The only thing missing is the compiz.schema. I
dare not touch that XML-file manually. So after you applied the patch,
recompiled compiz and restarted g-w-d and compiz you'll have to fire up
gconf-editor and add a string-parameter with the name shadow_color

You can use the normal HTML-like syntax for defining the wanted color:

#fff or #ffffff -> white
#f00 or #ff0000 -> red
#f73 or #ff7733 -> orange
Finally, here's a screenshot to show you how careful you should be with
chosing your new shadow_color :)

And he really isn't kidding!
Read the mail and get the patch here


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I want mine glowing in radioactive green!

4:20 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow, this blog sure died fast. It only lasted 1 month

8:19 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was thinking the same thing. Maybe he's waiting for the dock plugin to be complete?

11:11 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

the blog is also not working in xml format :(

if you want to fix it, blog owner..

7:24 pm  
Blogger Who said...

Thanks for pointing me to the feedburner article. I'll look into fixing it...

And no, I wasn't waiting for dock :P I just had more important things going on outside the WebWorld for a while (she's travelling now), and once you get behind it's difficult to start up again - so many posts to trawl through :)

9:24 am  
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