Tuesday, March 21, 2006

No code :(

Well, I have been blogging about other people's inovations all day, and now I want to write about a proposal of my own:

I would love any window to be manually scaleable - perhaps by CTRL clicking and using the resize handle.
I think a good implimentation should then allow the window to return to 100% size when the mouse moved over it, or when the user clicked on the title bar.

Some cases where I think this would really come in to it's own:
  • For toolbox windows in The Gimp or Inkscape - make them small in the corner (or even, should I be so bold, small, desaturated and translucent :P, hell, we can do it all now). Move mouse over them to use them and watch them shrink back to an unobtrusive size when you move the mouse away. Smooth.
  • For reading from one source and writing another (for example, composing a blog from many forum posts :P). Have the source page open, but scaled, and allow the user to read it full size on mouse-over. They can return to their original document when the mouse leaves.
  • For status windows, such as network status or a sound level monitor.
  • To keep track of multiple messenger conversations - scale/hide them down the bottom and then mouse-over to type, move mouse off to re-scale (you could concievably read them while scaled!)
The possibilities are endless. i'm getting quite excited just thinking about it!

The problem is, I haven't done any Compiz coding yet, and this seems like a big undertaking. Is anyone willing to give it a go?

It seems to me that the key bits of code (scaling and mouse-over tracking) are already done, so would it just be a job of pulling it together?

I also suggested some enhancments to the scale plugin - namely
What do people think about some extensions to 'scale':

A) Hotspots on the screen
B) In addition to the normal mode for scale I'd love to see these others:

  • 1. All applications, minimised or not (perhaps with the minimised ones desaturated or separated somehow)
  • 2. All windows from the active application
  • 3. All windows from all desktops

Post your ideas!



Anonymous TimoS said...

Great ideas! I hope someone has time to develop at least some of them.

3:40 am  
Anonymous Ercin EKER said...

show desktop feature in expose (F11 hotkey i think) will really cool :)


4:27 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There's already a neat program for KDE, called Komposé that arranges all windows for you like Exposé does. Worth checking out.

3:56 pm  
Anonymous madbull said...

screen hotspots are in the compiz cvs now.

Ercin: the expose f-11 type functionality is possible (but limited) using compiz builtins. check the short discussion here and Make it Work if you're a decent coder and feel so inclined.


12:31 am  
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