Friday, March 24, 2006


This has now been updated. The original version is in the latest QuinnDebs

The first update allowed you to select what ratio of the window should be on the next desktop before it changed the window position (you can still do it with a 'timebased' method too), and a second, yet to be released will add he spin code from Quinn

tommie-lie has created a new effect called 'edgeflip' - it allows you to drag windows from one desktop to another - enlightenment stylee, and is an addition to the move plugin.

The obligatory quote from the original post:

And this is how it works:
You'll find two new gconf keys: /apps/compiz/plugins/move/*/options/edgeflip and .../edgeflip_time. The first one activates edge flipping and the latter one specifies the time in seconds how long it will take before a moving window on the edge of the screen actually causes a flipping.

The effect:
If you drag a window to the left or right (top and bottom makes no sense ) edge of the screen, you will automatically take it to the virtual desktop left or right of your current desktop, just like you could do with Enlightenment.

- Don't make the flipping dependend on the moving. Right now, the time is checked in the motion event handler, so you have to move the window to the edge, wait until the time has passed by and move the window again a little bit but staying at the edge (i.e. only up/down movement).
- Have a cool rotation when the window is taken over to the new desktop *if* the cube and rotation plugins are enabled.
Can't wait to try it!


Blogger buddha-x said...

With XGL (using the quinn packages) I can't start emacs. I get:

Undefined color: "black"

This doesn't happen when I switch back to the regular X provided with Dapper.

Where can I report this, since we're not using the Dapper builds of this stuff?

(I suspect it's a build issue, something like --with-rgb=/etc/X11/rgb.txt.)

4:32 pm  
Blogger Who said...

I would report it to Quinn herslef :)

she gives her email address in the first of the New(er)est Compiz theread

6:10 pm  
Blogger buddha-x said...

Okay, thanks! ;) I checked out but didn't see an XGL package, so I thought I'd ask.

4:23 am  

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