Friday, March 31, 2006


ddave has released an early testing version of miniwin - a plugin to allow iconifying of windows. The windows can be restored to their original size and shape by right clicking on the 'icon'.

Becuase it gets confusing to talk about icons, mini windows, main windows etc, I am gonna go ahead and define the term mindow, for a mini window, that is an icon for a normal window

Latest Version: 0.13 - Now with dynamic backgrounds for the dock. Note ddave's warning
- - please set demindow_key to Button3, otherwise you will not be able to move your mindows around
- - - or change your default move key bindings.

0.0.12 was a big rewrite and some people had trouble running it. The best success seems to have been with the very latest XGL and Copmiz from Reggaemanu - details here

the changes are:
Last Changes:
ATTENTION: please run a gconftool-2 --recursive-unset /apps/compiz/plugins/miniwin as there are many
options which have changed there name and/or were removed

- code rewrite: prepared for 0.1.0
- - introduced event handling for mindows
- - separated the taskbar code from the basic mindow code
- - more debugging output
- fixed: mindows as well as windows remember their position (independent from each other)
- changed taskbar behaviour
- - mindow_key doesn't put mindows in the taskbar, only minimizing them does
- - that means: it is now possible to have (different) mindows on your desktop _and_ in the taskbar
- removed option bring_back_centered
- removed the dock window (temporarily) as it seems to cause *many* problems (focus, inputfocus, swapping around, even crashing compiz sometimes)
known bugs:
- if you hover mindows very fast and often, the may move around
- the firefox bug is now even worse (though it only appears here when putting firefox in the taskbar), but I guess this is not only miniwin's fault, but compiz's as well.
His original announcment is here. The latest source to try, aswell as a compiled binary is here
There is some stuff to build it for aiglx instead of xgl here ( OLD - courtesy of GeorgeNorton)

ddave has a very useful post on it here, which answers a lot of questions:

Some links to relevant versions: Development is happening very fast (as always), so if this looks old, please add a coment or check out this thread

Test, test, test! results in the forum


Anonymous Anonymous said...


There is an even newer version in the forums that supports iconify_on_minimize and on_all_workspaces... The latest version introduced a glitch where mindows are white and blank but GeorgeNorton isolated the code that did so and fixed it. Expect yet another micro-release very soon!

5:14 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

the current version now is 0.0.10 and is available in this thread

7:41 pm  
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